Taekwondo Tournament

  • Important Information
    1. Chair person of the Meet Mr. Vivek Yadav
    2. Name of Principal and Contact No. Dr. Anand Muni (+91-941-228-4999)
    3. Secretary organizing committee Mr. Shivjeet Dwivedi (+91-905-838-5063)
    4. Organizing School St. Vivekanand Sr. Sec. Public School, Alampur Hauz, Old Agra Road, Etawah - 206001
    5. Name of the Tournament CBSE East Zone and Far East Taekwondo Tournament 2017-18
    6. Address of School Alampur Hauz, Agra Road, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh - 206001
    7. Location Distance from Etawah Railway Station 4.5 Kms.
    Distance from Etawah Bus Stand 05 Kms.
    8. Climate Condition of Etawah Average Temperature of October 30oC
    9. E-mail ID anand.muni11@gmail.com, ananad.muni11@gmail.com
    10. Web Site www.stvivekanand.com
    11. Contact Person Mr. Shivjeet Dwivedi (+91-905-838-5063) Mr. Pushpendra Singh Sengar (+91-865-065-0111)
    12. Timing for meals Morning Tea - 05:30 am to 06:30 am
    Breakfast - 07:00 am to 08:00 am
    Lunch - 12:30 pm to 02:00 pm
    Evening Tea - 05:00 pm to 06:00 pm
    Dinner - 08:00 pm to 09:30 pm
    13. Meal Arrangement Hygienic and healthy food (Fully Vegetarian) will be provided by the host School
    14. Transport Facility Etawah Railway Station Platform No. 1 & Bus Stop
    15. Arrival of teams 13 October 2017 at 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
    16. Manager/Coaches Meet 13 October 2017 at 06:00 PM
    17. Opening Ceremony 14 October 2017 at 09:00 AM
    18. Competition Dates 14 October to 16 October 2017
    19. Closing Ceremony 16 October 2017 after the final match
  • Rules:
    • Registration must be done through online process. (website: cbsesports.in)
    • Schools must carry a signed copy of the eligibility Performa that must be filled online.
    • Schools must carry ID card as per CBSE online format.
    • For students studying in Class IX & above, their CBSE registration number must be provided.
    • School to carry the team photo with school Principal, countersigned by the concerned Principal.
    • Schools should carry a bonafied certificate provided by the school.
    • All schools must carry original documents in case of verification.
    • All schools will have to pay a caution deposit of Rs. 3000, which will be refundable.
    • Schools will be charged Rs. 350/student towards accommodation & food per day.
    • Schools should carry a copy of their sports fee receipt.
    • School should carry their school flag for the march past during the opening ceremony.

    Taekwondo Rules
    • The competition will be held as per the Rules & Regulations of the Taekwondo Federation of India unless modified in these rules.
    • The competition will be held at Zone and National level.
    • At Zone level, one player from each school can participate in each weight category, separately in Girls" & Boys" group.
    • From each Zone, in each weight category, separately in Girls" & Boys" group, only first position winning player shall qualify to participate in the Nationals.
    • Schools organizing the championship must arrange and provide the Chest guard & Head gear to the participants.
    • Participants must wear own WTF approved Groin guard; Forearm guard & Shin guard.
    • Female participants will come along with Female Coach/Manager.
    • The competition shall be conducted in the following age & weight categories:
    Boys Girls
    Under 19 years Under 17 years Under 14 years Under 19 years Under 17 years Under 14 years
    Below-45 Below-35 Below-25 Below-40 Below-30 Below-20
    Below-50 Below-40 Below-30 Below-45 Below-35 Below-25
    Below-55 Below-45 Below-35 Below-50 Below-40 Below-30
    Below-60 Below-50 Below-40 Below-55 Below-45 Below-35
    Below-65 Below-55 Below-45 Below-60 Below-50 Below-40
    Below-70 Below-60 Below-50 Below-65 Below-55 Below-45
    Below-75 Below-65 Above-50 Above-65 Above-55 Above-45
    Below-80 Below-70
    Above-80 Above-70
    All weig hts mentioned above are in kilos rams
    • No player shall be below 10 years so as to participate in the championship.
    • The participants are advised to register themselves with the TFI and obtain the ID Card after paying the registration charges and filling the prescribed form available at the TFI web site www.tfiindia.com Once registered, they can participate in all the TFI organized championships.
    • The player shall be allowed to participate only in their respective weight category and no jumping in the weight category shall be permitted (actual body weight).
    • Weigh-in shall be conducted one day prior to the day of competition.
    • There shall be at least four competitors in a particular weight category so as to conduct the competition.
    • The time duration for competition shall be as per the WTF rule.
    • Each competition arena should have four corner judges, one center referee, one recorder & one time keeper.
    • The competition shall be conducted on Single Elimination Tournament System.
    • Team winners will be decided by the following pattern:
      1. Each eligible contestant will score 01 point.
      2. Contestant will get 01 point for every winning match (Including a bye).
      3. Gold Medal will be awarded 07 points.
      4. Silver Medal will be awarded 03 points.
      5. Bronze Medal will be awarded 01 point.
    • Merit Certificate will be provided to first, second & third positions winners. (Both the semi-finalist will be provided the certificate of Merit and Bronze Medal for the third place).
    • All other participant"s will be provided with the participation certificates.
    • All other participants will be provided with the participation certificates.
    • The Arbitration Board Members/Protest Committee shall include: Principal Organizing School; Organizing Secretary; CBSE Observer & In-charge Technical Officials/Chief Referee.
    • On the spot entry/changes will not be permitted.

    Do’s and Don’ts:
    • The coaches will stay along with the students.
    • Drinking Liquor and smoking is strictly prohibited. The school has a zero tolerance policy on this. Anyone caught flaunting this rule the team will be immediately disqualified from the competition at any stage.
    • Due to security reasons, school teams must depart together. Individual gate passes will not be granted to participants to leave the school campus once they have registered. Gate passes to leave the campus will only be issued at the end of the competition.
    • Parents are not eligible for any facilities provided to the school teams.
    • You are requested to bring your own lock & Key.
    • Please do not keep any valuable things in the room. The host team will not be responsible for any such loss.
    • Taekwondo uniform (DOBOK) should be worn during opening ceremony.
    • Please make it a point to be punctual for all events and the meals.
    • Please do not litter in the campus or in your room. Use dustbin.
    • In case one feels sick or indisposed, contact the infirmary.
    • No one should play in the rooms or in corridors.
    • No player is allowed to leave the premises after 06:00 pm strictly to be followed.
    • Misbehavior on ground by players or accompanying official will not be tolerated.
    • Inclusion of non bonafide student in the team will lead to disqualification of the team.
    • Use of abusive language by athlete for accompanying official will not be tolerated.
    • Misbehavior with Officials/Opponents by player or accompanying official will not be tolerated.
    • Indiscipline at the place of stay by athlete or accompanying official will not be tolerated.
    • Damaging the school property.
    • Indiscipline during the Opening and Closing ceremonies by player or accompanying official.
    • Distance from Lucknow via State Express Way has been shown by black colour in Map is 228 km in West.
    • Distance from Lucknow via NH-2 has been shown by blue colour in Map is 260 km in West.
    • Distance from Lucknow to Etawah by Train is 240 km on Lucknow-Kanpur-Delhi route in West.
    • Distance from Agra to Etawah by Train is 115 km in East.
    • Distance from Delhi to Etawah by Train is 320 km in East.
    • Distance from Railway Station is 4.4 km.
    • Distance from Bus Stand is 5 km.
  • Data will be updated soon.
  • Data will be updated soon.